What happened to Adventure Inn on TripAdvisor?

Adventure Inn has a fantastic location, ideally situated about half way between the international SJO airport and central San Jose. Our guests have close access to both, yet are far enough away for none of the negative aspects. Our guests generally enjoy and appreciate returning to the cleaner, safer, less polluted and quieter Adventure Inn neighborhood after a day in central San Jose, and a great night’s sleep close to the airport but not at the end of a runway.

For those wondering why Adventure Inn is no longer listed on TripAdvisor as # 2 of eighty-seven hotels in San Jose, Costa Rica (with over 1300 mostly kind reviews), it is because we have been moved to # 1 of one hotel of eleven hotels in San Antonio de Belen.

TripAdvisor has a strict, yet somewhat irregular policy of placing some hotels where they are more precisely located, sometimes like in our case, to the detriment of both the hotel and their readers unfamiliar with specific locations, and not painting a true picture of the tourist scene. Always using political borders rather than how a tourist would perceive and move about an area can be flawed.

Three provinces come together where Adventure Inn is located. Adventure Inn and San Antonio de Belen happen to be in the middle province of Heredia. The City of San Jose is in the province of San Jose, yet Adventure Inn is only 5.6 miles from the city epicenter. The international SJO airport is in the province of Alejuela, yet Adventure Inn is only six miles from the airport. Because Adventure Inn is not in either the province of San Jose nor the province of Alejuela, we are not listed under San Jose nor the airport, yet we are ideally located for both.

Our tourist location is so good that huge hotels like the Marriott San Jose, the Wyndham San Jose Herradura, the Cariari Doubletree by Hilton San Jose and the Country Inn and Suites San Jose by Carlson are also located here.

None of us anticipate being found much more on TripAdvisor by people looking for a hotel in the San Jose area, or the international SJO airport. Fortunately however, because of our high ranking, Adventure Inn often shows up as a secondary selection if you click on another top-ranking San Jose hotel. If you are familiar with Adventure Inn, as you are now, you can also find us by searching for ‘Adventure Inn’.

Because of the great influenceTripAdvisor has on tourism, we hope that one day soon TripAdvisor will realize they have a responsibility to their readers and hotels by allowing competing hotels to compete against one another, regardless of the political boundaries. All Adventure Inn asks is to be given reasonable exposure so we can compete.


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