Things you should know about Costa Rica

Much has been written about Costa Rica in the travel guides and on the internet. After fourteen years of working in the tourist business, and owning two Costa Rica hotels, and advising literally thousands of people about what Costa Rica has to offer, let me summarize and clarify a few things I know. Continue reading Things you should know about Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tops Latin America in recent Prosperity Study

The Legatum Prosperity Index,, the planet’s only assessment of well being and wealth, has placed Costa as the leader of all Latin American countries

Unlike other studies that rank countries by their actual levels of development and wealth, the Prosperity Index rates countries based on those factors that enhance economic growth and develop happier citizens over the long run, the real cornerstones of prosperity, and prosperity equals security. Continue reading Costa Rica Tops Latin America in recent Prosperity Study

God or Ticos…who should take credit for Costa Rica?

Recent articles in various news sources say that Costa Rica is ranked by the Economist as the 8th most stable country on the planet, it is rated the 5th cleanest place in the world by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) at Yale, and it is the first country ever to be designated a ‘BioGem’ according to the Natural Resource Defense Counsel. Continue reading God or Ticos…who should take credit for Costa Rica?

Eric’s first lodge

One of the funniest stories I have of being in the hotel business was in our first little country inn in northern Ontario in the late 1970s. My young wife Elaine and I were managing our hearts out, taking advantage of an opportunity to run a little lodge, cooking three meals a day, checking people in, taking snowmobile safaris out, doing all the maintenance, and laundry, and the dishes, even chambermaiding, it was fun meeting all the guests first hand, and partying with them, and we were young with lots of energy. Continue reading Eric’s first lodge

Costa Rica and the Global Recession

I sold my third accommodation property in northern Ontario in 1995 and the world was now my oyster.I had grown tired of the slagging Canadian economy, I was also tired of the frigid Canadian weather and ladies. My ex-wife’s new boyfriend wanted to kill everyone (but I was at the top of his list). I had a degree in environmental studies, and had studied at a masters level in Third World Ecotourism marketing. A judge made a benchmark decision in my favor and allowed my two sons, ages 14 and 12 to reside with me, and even more incredible, to take up residence in another country. After reading the 1994 World Reference Almanac and studying all the countries of the world, the three of us and our black lab packed up our 1987 Ford Bronco II and a trailer and drove to San Jose Costa Rica. Continue reading Costa Rica and the Global Recession

Typical Knee-Jerk Reaction

For years drunk drivers have been allowed to get away with murder, literally, small fines like $40, or better, often just a bribe and the drunk is permitted to drive away as the officer smiles and waves goodbye.

Now literally over night, December 23rd, 2008 to be exact, the law has gone from one extreme to another. Continue reading Typical Knee-Jerk Reaction