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Hands-on Coffee Tour

Laugh and learn with this award-winning information filled tour that traces coffees journey from plantation to cup. Since 1991, more than a half a million visitors have joined us for this interactive stroll through our volcano-fringed six acre coffee farm and organically certified roasting factory.

Our experts lead the way, bringing coffee's fascinating history and production cycle alive with homespun Costa Rican humor that appeals to coffee lovers of all ages. As songbirds chirp overhead, you'll brush up against real coffee bushes, savor the sweet flavor of a ripe coffee cherry, breathe in the tantalizing aroma of roasting beans and even taste coffee and coffee candy samples. Discover coffee's vital role in forging Costa Rican democracy and cultivating a national identity around hard-working, friendly and environmentally conscious 'Ticos', Costa Ricans' affectionate nickname.

Tour categories: Family, Relaxing, Romantic

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