About the Owners

The Adventure Inn is owned and operated by a Canadian father / son team - Eric Robinson, a 1974 University of Waterloo graduate environmentalist and Mike, his son, a 2004 chemistry graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa.

While operating three consecutive lodging establishments in northern Ontario, Eric (and later with his family) traveled tens of thousands of miles exploring the farthest reaches of the Pacific Rim including South East Asia, the three Americas, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and some of the vast South Pacific while doing post-graduate research on Third World ecotourism marketing. Costa Rica always seemed to stand out.

Escaping the Canadian economic downturn in 1995, tired of the harsh climate of Canada, and being an eco-tourism major, Eric and his two sons packed up their car and trailer and dog and drove a harrowing eleven days from northern Ontario to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Eric soon bought and operated Hemingway Inn in historic Barrio Amon, downtown San Jose while Mike at age 14, and Andrew at age 12 both started the private British School of Costa Rica. Andrew eventually returned to Canada, and is presently raising a family in Edmonton. Mike graduated from the British School in 2000 and returned to Canada for four years of university, then returned to Costa Rica, at the same time Eric sold the Hemingway Inn and bought Adventure Inn.

Eric and Mike now split the general management, internet and marketing duties of Adventure Inn.

Eric and Mike really enjoy Adventure Inn. They hope that Costa Rica eco-tourism remains sustainable, meaning that all visitors to Costa Rica should try to impact minimally and only positively on the indigenous physical, natural, cultural and economic setting. This will allow future visitors to equally enjoy an authentic Costa Rican travel adventure.