By Eric Robinson

Two recent studies out of Britain rate Costa Rica as one of the happiest nations on the planet. The Happy Planet Index calculated by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) places Costa Rica third. The calculation is based upon the efficiency with which countries convert the earth’s finite resources into well-being, experienced by their citizens based on life expectancy, life satisfaction, and the ecological footprint, or impact on the earth.

Top of the list was Vanuatu, an archipelogo in the south Pacific, and Columbia ranked second. Several other Central American countries placed in the top ten. The other study, ‘The World Map of Happiness’ by the University of Leicester in England ranked Costa Rica first in Latin America and 13th among 178 countries around the globe. It was based on 80,000 personal surveys, life expectancy data from the United Nations Human Development Report, per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and access to secondary education.

Health was the most important factor, then wealth and education. Denmark, Switzerland and Austria were in the top three positions, while the USA ranked 23rd. Sometimes I wonder just how awful the rest of the world is, if Costa Rica is ranked so high. Some of the slums on the outskirts of San Jose are very scarey places, and the quality of life of people living in these overcrowded ‘Skinner boxes’ can not be optimum by any means. It all gets back to my thesis that the world is sliding down a slippery slope until it gets its population stabilized, or even preferably reduced. We can do it voluntarily, or we can let nature take its painful course.

One thought on “Ticos Are Happy!

  1. jean says:

    Eric, I m sur you had a great time in Costa Rica, maybe you live there and want to convaince yourself that you are in Heaven… but it s not the paradise for everyone in Costa Rica… It happens That I m spending, right now some time by Nosara. I didn t know at first there was some many small comunities along the shore from Nicaragua down to Panama. Unfortunatly, they live just near the beach, in this 20 meters belt wich became not long ago protected area. What does it mean? It means that the people , the Ticos, generally fishermen, and usually extremely poor are going to be removed. Where? Right now, we don t fucking know. What I know, talking with the few one at Nosara, is that they don t have access to clean water, wich cause sickeness, and electricity. I ve met really poor people, so poor! that they have no idea what they will do if it happens. It is interesting to see that in Costa Rica we take great care of the turtles, the monkeys, and the Iguana, but forget a bit about the homo sapiens. You welcome to communicate information about things in Costa Rica….Jean

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