By Eric Robinson

Cubans are angry that a terrorist who bombed a Cuban flight in 1976 is being released by US authorities. The Cuban daily propaganda newspaper, ‘Granma’ took swings at a US judge’s decision to release accused terrorist Luis Posada on a $350,000 bond. Posada is accused of his involvement in a 1976 Cuban airline bombing over Barbados killing 76 persons. He is also accused of bombing Havana hotels in 1990 killing one Italian tourist, and mounting a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro in 2000.

The judge, Kathleen Cardone, apparently yeilded to anti-Cuban terrorist groups, such as Alpha 66, that Posada would be tortured in Venezuela if extradited, as that country has been requesting. “This is further confirmation of the double standard of (US President) George W. Bush’s administration in its alleged crusade against terrorism”, said the Cuban Communist Party mouthpiece.

However, all the complaining may be for nothing. Posada may be released directly into the hands of the US Immigration. He is accused of entering the US illegally through Mexico. As a former US Army veteran, and one time CIA operative, born in Cuba and a citizen of Venezuela, the life and times of fugitive Luis Posada will someday be coming to a theatre near you!

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