No Smoking at Adventure Inn Hotel

Adventure Inn is now a 100% smoke-free hotel. Smoking has finally been butted out in all of Adventure Inn. Even though, until now, we have had four of our breeziest 34 rooms designated for smokers, guests were complaining that smokers were leaving their room doors open and the smoke and smell were actually drifting into the hall (even from under their doors). Also, our dining guests were bothered by smoke (especially cigars) when eating, the Mayan Jacuzzi solarium is now smoke-free, the computer station, the gym, and all common areas. Anyone wishing to smoke will need to do so in designated smoking areas outside of the hotel. Of course, fortunately, you won’t be standing in any blizzards, this is Central Valley, Costa Rica, voted one of the planet’s most perfect climates.

We sincerely apologize to smokers and hope they try to understand our change of policy, which will allow all of our guests and their families to be more comfortable during their stay at Adventure Inn.

We will be updating our reservation form soon to say we are a completely smoke-free hotel. If you previously made a reservation for a smoking-permitted room, we will honor our promise, however, we ask you to please keep your door closed and windows open. Thank you!

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