The Legatum Prosperity Index,, the planet’s only assessment of well being and wealth, has placed Costa as the leader of all Latin American countries

Unlike other studies that rank countries by their actual levels of development and wealth, the Prosperity Index rates countries based on those factors that enhance economic growth and develop happier citizens over the long run, the real cornerstones of prosperity, and prosperity equals security.

Little Costa Rica bi-passed stronger Latin American economic forces such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Mexico in nine main areas:

Sound economic fundamentals: A sound and growing economy providing opportunities to create wealth.
Innovation and entrepreneurship: A friendly environment for new businesses and innovative commercial ideas.
Democratic institutions: Accountable and transparent government institutions encouraging economic growth.
Education: Human development fostered through a high-quality and accessible educational.
Health: Good public and private health, and a very high life expectancy.
Security and safety: A place where people can develop opportunities in a safe environment.
Governance: An effective and honest government that keeps order and promotes citizens to be productive.
Personal freedom: The ability for individuals follow their own life course.
Social capital: Strong communities and trustworthy relationships.

Surprisingly, Costa Rica even surpassed traditionally free countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Japan at the international level regarding personal freedom.

Therefore, as most nations of the world look for any significant glimmer of improvement after the global economic meltdown over the last year, Costa Rica is being identified for its unwaivering prosperity. Investors and retirees alike looking for a secure future are starting to recognize the advantages to Costa Rica, a stable right-leaning, peace-loving country full of free, happy and healthy people. The spring-link climate in the Central Valley, two warm oceans, stunning landscape, bountiful nature and relative proximity to the USA don’t hurt either.

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