11.1 No order accepted by the Seller may be cancelled by the Buyer, except with the Seller`s written consent and provided that the Buyer compensates the Seller for all losses (including loss of earnings), costs (including the cost of all work and equipment used costs), damages, costs and costs incurred by the Seller as a result of the cancellation. Joint Enterprise Agreements (JVA) are managed by joint ventures (JVCs), which are jointly represented by investors and ARBs. ARBS participation is determined by both parties or evaluated by an accredited independent expert. As with leases, control and management of the land is entrusted to investors during the duration of the AIC. Active ARBs receive wages for their work in accordance with existing labour laws, in addition to annual dividends. The low level of dividends, the long duration of the agreements and the organizational dynamics in the collectively titled countries are outstanding issues. To date, more than 400 agreements have been recorded between ARB or ARB organizations and private investors. Most of them are on the island of Mindanao, which covers about 52,000 hectares, with bananas, pineapples and oil palms as the most planted crops. Based on the DAR-FAO study on AVA in 2016, 20% of the total area of bananas, oil palms, cocoa and pineapples are found in the AVA areas of the country. From a regulatory point of view, leases are the least privileged agreements of DAR and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) focused on land reform, which are due to the transfer of control of the land allocated to investors. However, they are the most common. Approximately 73% of existing AACs are leases covering land allocated collectively and individually. Very low rental rents and the long duration of contracts are the main problems of ARBs, which limit their earning potential on the allocated land.

Compliance with the lease-leasing formula in DAR AO 2, p. 2008 is very low. An Avalize is the act that a third party (usually a bank or credit institution) guarantees a buyer`s obligations to a seller in accordance with the terms of the contract, such as the . B of a change of funds or a sales contract. The bank acts by endorsing the document (usually “by Aval” is written on the document itself), as a co-signer with the buyer in the transaction. Data rights. The customer owns all rights, titles and interests on all data and/or content produced or provided by the customer, as well as on all the resulting data (“customer data”) with the exception of non-identifiable aggregated data (as defined below). No provision in this agreement should be construed as granting Avanan rights to customer data that go beyond what is expressly provided in this contract. Between Avanan and the customer, the customer reserves ownership of the customer`s data at all times. Without prejudice to other restrictions on the use of data in the present or in any other agreement (i) the customer grants Avanan the (ii) the customer grants Avanan the limited and non-exclusive right to view, modify, collect and use customer data to create metadata from the customer`s data (including those that can be deduced from it).

Z.B. File encryption, file change data, audit trails, and file access frequency (“customer metasis” only to provide services to the customer, (iii) the customer gives Avanan the right to collect and use anonymous generic statistical information from these customer data (but were not directly derived from the customer`s data) and to group it with statistical information from other customers (“unidentifiable aggregate data” and iv) the client accepts that he owns all the rights, titles and interests of this unidentifiable aggregate data.