You still have three weeks after the delivery time to pay the 25% down payment for the accommodation. Please note that your developer has the right to perform your S-PA in case you delay your payment by more than 14 days. Once your developer does, he will be able to exhale 25% of the purchase price, recover all interest accrued by you and unpaid, and resell the device to anyone else. Possibility of extended default guarantee in under-sales under-sales Sub-sale Less than the new BSG (to be concluded after a sub-sale) Paragraph 12.1 (a) the delivery time of the free possession of the unit (Vacant Date), the delivery can obviously take place only after the developer has received the amount due to him under the payment notification TOP Progress. If, on June 1, 2012, the original purchaser who purchased the unit under the former GSO was notified to take possession of the unit and took possession on June 20, 2012, the default liability period would expire on May 31, 2013. If the original buyer enters into a contract to under-sell his unit, for example. B on September 1, 2012, the developer entering into the sub-acquisition must enter into a new buy-back contract in the format of the new BSG, recalculating the expiry date of the unit`s default liability period. This article examines some of the issues raised in relation to the developments in which the units are sold under both the previously prescribed form of the sales and sales contract (former BSG) and the sales and sales contract prescribed in the 2012 HDR (New SPA). The situations described above have arisen with respect to the developments in which some units were sold prior to the introduction of HDR in 2012. While the continued implementation of HDR 2012 will raise new and different problems, we believe that, as with the issues discussed above, these issues can be resolved by a better understanding of the new rules and technical requirements of the new GSB. [Recommended Article: New Start vs.

Condo Resale Payments: What`s the Difference?] Purchase of new marketing contracts The Controller of Housing has ordered that, if the unit is under-sold on or after May 18, 2012, contracts for the sale of fresh produce and sales must be issued in the format prescribed by HDR 2012, namely.dem new GTS. This policy affects the developer, as noted above, because switching from the old BSG to the new BSG may affect the expiry date of the liability period in the event of default. You are required to use the purchase, sale and purchase agreement option in accordance with the rules applicable to residential developers when selling the units. In Singapore, all S-PAs are subject to the Control and Licensing Act and, as such, developers use standardized contracts made available to them by the Housing Developers Act. While changes and changes to the standard form must be approved by the Hosting Controller before you can effectively deliver them, you should still look through your S-PA and make sure everything is fine before you sign on the points line. There are two types of licenses: a sales license that allows you to start work and start selling units after obtaining the building permit, and a no-sale permit that will allow you to start work only. The impact of a sub-sale on the delivery of the free holding period Can I know who will keep the original copy of the sales contract, the law firm that manages it or the bank from which we receive the home loan? Thank you. Download the .pdf to read the criteria for a sales and non-sale license.

If the “buyer,” as used by the new GSO, thinks of the original buyer and is presumed to be the case, it would mean that the expiry of the default warranty period will now be extended until June 16, 2013.