Immediately after the agreement was reached, Giamatti answered a reporter`s question about his opinion of what Rose did, and stated that he was personally convinced that he had bet on baseball games. Rose was outraged by this obvious break in the agreement, but when Giamatti died of a heart attack a few days later, he was never able to clarify his position. Giamatti`s untimely death made him a kind of secular saint and had the effect of giving his decision a sacred aura. Rose formally applied to return to baseball last week, and new Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said he would meet with Rose in private and consider the application. But Manfred also explicitly stated that he would review Dowd`s report on the rose games presented in 1989, as well as the baseball constitution and the actual agreement rose made with Commissioner Bart Giamatti at the time. Giamatti was commissioner for only five months before he died suddenly of a heart attack. He is the shortest serving commissioner in the history of the sport and the only incumbent not to preside over a full Major League Baseball season. Giamatti negotiated the deal to resolve the Pete Rose betting scandal by allowing Rose to voluntarily retire from the sport to avoid further penalties. [1] This document contains the full agreement of the parties and represents the whole solution to Peter Edward Rose`s question before the Commissioner. Manfred also said he wanted to review the agreement reached by Giamatti and Rose in 1989. This five-page document outlines the details of the investigation and outlines the likeies of Mr. Rose`s reaction.

It also makes it clear that “the Commissioner will not make any formal findings on any case, including the assertion that Peter Edward Rose bet on a major league baseball game. We reviewed the 225-part Dowd report and other documents last week, and this is clear: Rose has a very high legal hurdle to overcome for reintegration, especially if she wants to challenge the merits of the report or the rule of baseball against gambling, or question the legitimacy of her agreement with Giamatti. c. Nothing in this agreement is considered an admission or refusal of the charge that he bet on a major league baseball game.