If you want or need to use a non-SAP database like Microsoft, IBM or Oracle, think twice before acquiring it from SAP and paying for maintenance at SAP: a percentage of your total license cost could be much more expensive than adding 10 cores to your unlimited Oracle, Microsoft or IBM license agreement. Even if you`ve already ordered these databases from SAP, you should check if SAP closing help is a better alternative for the deadlines database. By selecting product conversion, customers who use SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for ERP acquire the right to use the software. The original SAP ERP contract remains largely valid and is “SAP S/4HANA-ready” through the additional purchase of S/4HANA license components only and the switch to the SAP HANA database. To convert your SAP ECC license to SAP S/4HANA, you normally have two conversion options: you only include these products in a new contract you need now and in the future. The new license model no longer uses “designated users” as a basis for calculation, but “user metrics.” This includes the number of active users who work with your licensed system. HANA SAP Application Value (HSAV) is the sum of the prices for third-party sap software and software licensed, with the exception of SAP software and third-party software that does not contribute to the HANA SAP application value. For the purposes of this definition, “price” may refer to the availability of the SAP HANA database. Most customers choose the Runtime edition and the price is calculated based on the current value of the HANA software (HSAV) of SAP licenses. The cost of AnyDB (e.g.B MS-SQL, DB/2, Oracle) is not included.

The alternative choice of a full-fledged HANA license is rarely considered by small and medium-sized enterprises. The current database is also technically separated from the HANA database to avoid doubling maintenance payments. The cost of the HANA database is calculated at 15% of the value of the original application, excluding the value of the database. Supply of SAP S/4HANA components In addition, SAP ECC product licenses must be converted. Sap currently offers the possibility of acquiring sap S/4HANA rights on the basis of existing ECC licenses for a flat fee. In this way, current SAP ERP licenses will be converted to SAP S/4HANA licenses. For most traditional products, there is an S/4HANA successor that replaces them (z.B. is replaced “SAP S/4HANA ICM for Insurance” with “SAP S/4HANA ICM for Insurance”).