– If there is a building under construction, it has also been allowed to start construction by the competent authority. To do so, he had signed an agreement with Pope Singh, Mangatu, Chetram, Chander, Kishan, Vidya, Jagwati, Birvati and Jaggu of Ullahwas. During this period, instead of registering the country, they had finished the GPA. About four months after the sale of the land, the accused allegedly sold the land to a private private company. The land contract was presented on behalf of Sarjeet, an employee of the company itself. The accused declared the agreement before his agreement. Giriraj filed a fraud complaint against the accused in the office of the police commissioner where Badshahpur police recorded a case. Badshahpur police station in the lot Inspector Arjun Dev says police are investigating the case. FSI indicates how much can be built on land. The ISF is identified by the city and country planning department.