1.10. A “clinic” is any rental period of three hours or more during which a qualified and insured instructor leases the facilities for the commercial purpose of training his or her own clients. 2.8. Horses/ponies must remain under close control in the arena; Bulk schooling is not allowed. 2.11. The rental of sticks and/or wings is only a delivery. Users are expected to install the jumps delivered during their rental period, put them at a lower, where they are demolished, dismantled and removed. The sole responsibility of the company is to ensure the availability of jumps on the occasions when they have been requested and for which the corresponding rental fees have been paid. If jumps are set up at the beginning of a rental period, it is the user`s responsibility to ensure that all jumps before use are correctly and safely.

3.4. A rental period is only confirmed when the released money has been received or a valid gift certificate code has been provided. The company will refuse users access to the facilities if payment has not been fully received before the start of the corresponding rental period. Please read the following details carefully; It contains information about the facilities, expectations and requirements for using the arena as well as payment terms. 3.7. If a clinic is either cancelled or if the previously booked hours are reduced within 48 hours of the start of the rental period, the rental fee is charged on the basis of a rate of 1 driver per hour. 2.1. All users must return the installation to its original state at the end of the rental period. All frosts must be collected and placed in the containers provided for this purpose.

4.2. This agreement applies to the period booked during this booking and to all subsequent bookings. This implies an ancillary time on either side of a rental period for the purpose of arrival and departure and/or any other free time spent on the site. Notwithstanding your consent to these Terms and Conditions, entry into the premises is considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by all users related to the rental period. 2.19. All dogs on the site must be kept outside the equestrian center, unless expressly authorized by the company. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are the responsibility of their owner/canine guide. All dog faults must be eliminated. The company reserves the right to require that dogs be secured and/or removed if deemed necessary.

The company cannot be held responsible for incidents caused by or on a dog during the site of the operation. 3.5. If for any reason funds are pending after a rental period (if additional services are requested during the rental period but immediate payment is not possible), no further rental period is allowed until all remaining funds are paid in full. 1.7. A “responsible adult” is any person 18 years of age or older who is considered competent to handle horses and ponies and who is able to adequately supervise persons under 18 years of age. . . .