The first thing potential candidates need to do is determine suitability for the application. Have you completed the Q/PTL, Q/FE, QND internships? Have you achieved a Q/EH (or CEH) Q/SA, Q/FE, Q/ND with a score of 70 or better? It is recommended that applicants download the Security University Handbook Guide for more detailed information. To ensure maximum security and authentication, all CompTIA print reports provided at Pearson VUE test centers contain a photo of the candidate. Therefore, all test center administrators must take a photo of each candidate before testing them. Candidates who do not wish to be photographed cannot take CompTIA exams. For more information on applicant photos, please see the id and photo requests. 5.) Purchase of your test(s) You can purchase an exam voucher on the SUT website at any time. 6.) Sit For Your Exam (s) SUT`s Q/ISP Q/EH, Q/SA, Q/FE, Q/ND Testeur Testrac has hundreds of test centers worldwide open every working day (some also have weekend and holiday periods). SUT Q/ISP Q/EH, Q/SA, Q/FE, Q/ND tests are performed via the computer of the test center and authorized test partners of the University of Security and the University of Safety.

As soon as candidates submit their exam, the official results are immediately available. Candidates who do not pass retain the right to acquire a new re-examination examination. Any applicant deemed by CompTIA to be a violation of the terms of this Agreement or a weakening of the security and integrity of CompTIA`s certification program shall, if CompTIA deems it necessary or appropriate due to the severity of the incident or breach: for security reasons, the audit content is not available for verification. Candidates who have comments or doubts about an exam question must submit a ticket. The Technical Commission shall consider all comments, concerns and suggestions of the candidates. Please note, however, that CompTIA does not respond individually to comments on audit content. 14.2. Changes. CompTIA may revise the terms of this Agreement from time to time. In the event of a revision, your approval of a new agreement may be a prerequisite for your continued CompTIA certification….