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Chocolate Tour


The worlds most beloved food yet few know about its true origins and history, and the fabulous process in which the Cacao fruit is turned into the best food in the world: CHOCOLATE.

An experience designed to indulge your senses with aromas and tastes and tales of ancient temples in the jungle, conquerors and adventurers, kings and pirates and mucho CHOCOLATE.

We start with the PLANT, we visit the Colonial Garden where we have different types or Cacao trees. We then try the fruit of Cacao directly from the pod.

Chocolate was invented some 4,000 years ago and evolved for centuries into what we now know as Chocolate... But... How was chocolate back then?

We talk about Mesoamerica and the great cultures that inhabited these lands, the discovery and importance of Cacao and Chocolate in the early american societies and their rituals in the jungles.

In November 1521, the first Europeans tasted chocolate. Hernan Cortes and his men conquer the lands of México and slowly but steadily Chocolate started to gain popularity in Europe.

A tour filled with all the history, the tales, the aromas and tastes of the most ancient and sacred of foods: Theobroma Cacao.

During your visit you will taste drinks made of Cacao and Chocolate, also some modern-day chocolate and other delicious spices from Mesoamerica, like Vanilla.

You can not miss our Photo-Spot, Get dressed in typical clothes and model in our Finca Cacaotera, photos filled with color and smiles.

CHOCOLATE TOUR... The most delicious Costa Rican experience.


Tour categories: Afternoon tours, Family, Relaxing, Romantic

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