Free 24-Hour Airport Shuttle Reservations

General shuttle policies

  • Only available for registered guests
  • 每人最多限一件大行李和任意手提行李
  • 如果班车上没有足够的空间,额外的行李箱可能每个5美金
  • Pets and surf boards are not allowed on the shuttles. Please contact us for alternate transportation options.

From Adventure Inn to the SJO international airport

Shuttle Adventure Inn to airport
  • 保证全部班车请求在您的房间预留12小时内完成
  • 超过12小时,每天下午4点后班车预留将取决于接机情况
  • For last minute flight changes or cancellations, contact us immediately with your new flight information so we can cancel your previous shuttle and rebook if possible. If we are unable to rebook your shuttle, you will need to pay for a taxi, which should be approximately 15美元.
  • Continue to fill out the form below make your shuttle reservation.


From the SJO international airport to Adventure Inn

Shuttle airport to Adventure Inn

If your international flight is scheduled to land between 5:40 AM and 10:40 PM, you don't need to make a reservation. Simply go to the Interbus office in the baggage claims area by luggage carousel 5 and they will provide you with the free transfer. For delayed flights, if you are not able to get to the Interbus office by 11:00 PM when it closes, we strongly suggest you bring an Uber or the Official Taxis Unidos orange Airport taxi.

If your international flight is scheduled to land between 10:40 PM and 5:40 AM, you can either bring an official "Taxis Unidos" orange Airport taxi or an Uber. The Taxi Unidos booth is on the far right just before you exit the airport. When you arrive at Adventure Inn, pay what is on the taxi meter (about 15美元) or pay the Uber (about 7美元 for UberX and 13美元 for UberXL only for large groups) and give us the receipt ("una factura" in Spanish) and your boarding pass and we will credit the amount to your room account. Uber automatically emails you a confirmation, which you can forward to our staff.