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Typical Knee-Jerk Reaction

First-offense drunk drivers in Costa Rica now face incredibly harsh penalties if they don't bribe their way out of a situation, loss of driver's licence, confiscation of their car and up to three years in prison. Sober Tico drivers are not much better than drunks.

What is really behind the immigration law proposals?

By Eric Robinson

The proposed changes in the immigration laws being debated by the Costa Rican Asamblea Legislativa leave me concerned. At a time when the global economy is weakening and pensioners are hard hit, these laws are the last thing senior foreigners need, requiring to prove they have a guaranteed dollar income 333% higher than the present requirement (from $600 to $2000 per month). Now I could be sarcastic and warn you about those terrible 'pensionados', but please, give me a break, are foreign pensioners a big problem in Costa Rican society? Do they form a higher percenta...

Costa Rica and the global economic melt-down

The world was now my oyster in 1995 after I sold my third accommodation property in northern Ontario. I had grown tired of the slagging Canadian economy, I was also tired of the frigid Canadian weather and ladies. My ex-wife's new boyfriend wanted to kill everyone (but I was at the top of his list). I had a degree in environmental studies, and had studied at a masters level in Third World Ecotourism marketing. A judge made a benchmark decision in my favor and allowed my two sons, ages 14 and 12 to reside with me, and even more incredible, to take up residence in another country. Aft...

Adventure Inn goes smoke-free!

No Smoking at Adventure Inn Hotel

Adventure Inn is now a 100% smoke-free hotel. Smoking has finally been butted out in all of Adventure Inn. Even though, until now, we have had four of our breeziest 34 rooms designated for smokers, guests were complaining that smokers were leaving their room doors open and the smoke and smell were actually drifting into the hall (even from under their doors). Also, our dining guests were bothered by smoke (especially cigars) when eating, the Mayan Jacuzzi solarium is now smoke-free, the computer station, the gym, and all common areas. Anyone wishing to smoke will need to do so in...

The Amazon has nothing on this place!

By Eric Robinson

For those seeking something really different, try this Costa Rica adventure. Experience the feel of deepest South America in the river-shed jungles of Costa Rica's Talamanca Mountains.

February, 2005, eight urban gringo expats, myself one of them, that frequented the afternoon bar scene at the hotels of central San Jose Costa Rica decided to take up Greg Warren, a cocobolo wood exporter from Australia on a trip to his company home 'office' perched on a hilltop in the mountains about 25 kilometers as the tucan flies southeast of Turrialba.

In two SUVs we headed along...

Owner-operated eco-friendly CR hotels join together

Adventure Inn owner Eric Robinson, founder of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica (AHCR) in 2005, has done it again.The Costa Rica hotel association, Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica recently increased membership from 22 to 64 hotels strategically located throughout Costa Rica. Each value-priced hotel meets minimum 3 star requirements, has it's own eco-friendly personality and offers all guests a further 10% off their nightly rate if they mention the association at check-in.

And what an extraordinary selection of interesting hotels AHCR has; inns, lodges, beach resorts, B&B's, first-class ...

Sharks bite the CR government on the butt

By Eric Robinson

Once again the Costa Rica government has shot itself in the foot. The abuse of sharks has put all of us in the Costa Rica hotel industry and other tourism sectors in an uncomfortable position. Former President Abel Pacheco was caught (but never prosecuted because he owned the judges) receiving illegal donations through a Panama bank account from Taiwan, a nation with an insatiable taste for $60 per bowl shark fin soup.

For years, Taiwan, and others have been allowed to unload illegal shark fins into Costa Rican docks without inspection, though laws prohibit such pra...

Carbon neutral economics comes to Costa Rica

By Eric Robinson

No one has brought global warming to the forefront like former US Vice President Al Gore. Though the conservatives love to bash Al Gore for being a hypocrite, causing twenty times the global warming (if there is such a thing) as the average consumer, I think they are shooting the messenger, and avoiding the real problem.

CO2, and other gas emissions, say the vast majority of scientists, create a sort of green house effect hindering the heat of the sun's powerful rays from escaping the lower atmosphere, heating the earth, melting the polar ice caps causing the oceans...

Tourism for the adventurous

By Eric Robinson

Most tourists prefer the luxurious hedonistic accommodation options in Costa Rica but amazing indigenous-discovering adventure options are available. Forget the luxurious hotel room and see how the indigenous live on an adventure tour that will change your life. Most tourists require their hotel room with air-conditioning, even in the Central Valley of Costa Rica where the temperature hoovers comfortably in the 60's and 70's year-round. Upon arrival at their destination, the more first class the treatment, the better.

They are on vacation and will worry about global...

Chito and the Man-Eater

By Eric Robinson

It all started with a farmer's bullet that took the eye of Pocho, a three meter-long crocodile.Pocho was found nearly dead on the side of a river by Gilberto Sheedan (aka Chito) seventeen years ago dying near the Caribbean town of Siquirres with a gun shot wound to his eye, probably from a cattle farmer protecting his herd. With help from friends, Chito loaded the massive three meter animal into his boat, took him home and nursed him back to health but with only one eye. Chito stayed by his side much of the time, even sleeping with him. Pocho's appetite i...