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What many Costa Rica visitors don't see, taste and smell

Many tourists travel around Costa Rica on pre-programmed tourist routes think the country has most of the makings of a First World country. But they often travel in Costa Rica in a sort of bubble, protected by their air-conditioned tour bus or rental car, eyes glued to the windows as it whizzes through the city and countryside, along pre-chosen attractive corridors displaying the country's most wonderful features. Costa Rica travel draws several pictures in their minds, European-style mountain living, pristine palm-lined beaches, hot springs flowing from volcanic mountains surrounded by the ri...

Monteverde and other similar options

In the 1930's Monteverde was first occupied by Costa Rican colonists scratching a living by farming and logging. They like the undeveloped land because it was quite similar the early America's wild west, and had no help from Costa Rica's government to re-establish themselves in the cool, rugged mountain area.

In 1949, four pacifist Quakers from Alabama were jailed for refusing to fight in the Korean War after being drafted. Once out of jail, along with their community of 'friend's' (the other name for their Christian group), they searched for a new country where peace dominated. Monteverde, Co...

Certain Costa Rica tour companies do not have your best interests in mind

I know it isn't ethical to talk about other people's businesses, but I feel my responsibility and obligations are to my guests, especially when the companies I am trying to warn them about are anything but ethical themselves.

Everyone planning to take some tours in Costa Rica needs to be made aware of some of the overnight tours, that wack you on the additional cost of accommodations and meals. I feel these unexciting, programmed, very expensive all-inclusive travel packages offered by some on-line tour agencies take complete advantage of your lack of knowledge.

I have had numerous complaints ...

Costa Rica Real Estate (by someone who doesn't sell it)

First, consider that Costa Rica gets more lush, green, mountainous and scenic the further south and east you go. Northwest Costa Rica (Guanacaste) is cattle ranch country similar to Nicaragua, dry and lacking sufficient water to service the building boom (and now bust), prickly scrub brush vegetation, dry forests and littered wind-blown beaches. For years I have suggested avoiding Guanacaste, though admittedly, I was premature in my assessment and people continued to make money for a while. But now many are left holding the bag as projects have been put on hold for building violations, financi...