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Current deals at Adventure Inn

Book direct for perks

Because direct bookings keep our costs down, here are a few automatic perks you'll get when you book direct:

OTA (Expedia,, etc) Direct booking
Room placement Large, spacious room Best room available
Included breakfast Tropical buffet Tropical buffet plus a la carte options
WiFi connection Basic (4 Mbps)
Stream in SD
Premium upgrade available for purchase
Premium WiFi (up to 200 Mbps)
Stream in HD or Ultra HD
Cancellation policy Rates are non-refundable Free cancellation up to 3 days before booking

Take tours for room discounts

Book two or more tours through us and get a 10% discount off the same number of nights at Adventure Inn.

Extended stay discounts

For 6 to 29 nights, save 25% off each night.

For 30 or more nights, save 35% off each night.

Group discounts

We offer discounts for groups of all sizes. Contact us for a quote. Be sure to mention the approximate number of people, number of rooms, dates and what meals the groups will need.