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Costa Rica may be your best option for survival

Costa Rica may be your best option for survival

The planet's population keeps increasing, especially because of high birth rates in the poorest nations, yet the planet's resources essential to survive (food and arable land, shelter, water, energy, space, and places where climate is not extreme) are finite. Obviously this cannot continue indefinitely.

The divide between the haves and the have-nots keeps getting larger. Destructive advanced technologies and biochemical warfare could easily fall into the wrong hands and be used to bring much of the world as we know it into the dark ages. Nobody knows where this will all end; global terrorism knocking out our Internet or power grid or poisoning our fresh water supplies, a massive drought due to climate change resulting in famine, an incurable pandemic because of the overuse of antibiotics, or a global nuclear holocaust, just to think of a few of the more obvious possibilities. Not a pretty sight, so what can an individual do?

Before it is too late, perhaps your best plan of survival is to locate yourself (and your family) where there will be the least change in your lifestyle, where climate isn't extreme and food and arable land, shelter, water, energy, space are forever available, and to me this means a country like Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's near perfect year-round climate (especially in the Central Valley) makes heating and air conditioning unnecessary, coupled with the rich volcanic soils to ensure our booming agricultural industry will survive no matter who turns out the lights. For centuries Ticos have been able to kill a chicken or pick a banana when hungry and look for a roof when it rains, everything has come so easy to them, and there is no reason it can't continue, no matter what happens on the global stage.

Costa Rica's electricity is nearly 100% renewable due to massive hydroelectric projects functioning all over the country and the abundant rainfall the country receives.

The constitution of Costa Rica reflects a hands off approach to the individual, if the individual is doing no harm to others, then let him be, thus the government doesn't interfere where it is not needed or wanted. Costa Rica has no standing army and tends to always choose peaceful and legal ways to resolve conflict, and thus has few enemies and little reason to be a target for attack. Costa Rica is basically a Catholic country, but doesn't force it down anyone's throat. It is open to all religions, and Islam and its violent extremists have had a slow start getting their roots established in Costa Rica.

There are other reasons other than just survival to consider living in Costa Rica, to do with a wonderful standard of living, less stress, the world's happiest people, just over two hours from Miami and three hours from Houston, great medical care, two warm oceans to choose from, a very eco-friendly country, amazing flora and fauna, a gorgeous landscape, advanced education especially in the private schools, good Internet, and a democratically elected government.

I can't think of any drawbacks to living in Costa Rica and I urge you to consider it as well.

Posted in Costa Rica on Apr 30, 2018.

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