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Inconvenienced on your vacation

Inconvenienced on your vacation

People are quite flexible, adaptive and mostly patient when it comes to every day living. The drive to work was congested, the cable company charged you for channels you aren't getting, your boss forgot to tell you about a change in your schedule, someone enrolled your daughter in the wrong class at swimming lessons, you forgot to pick up your son after his dentist appointment, these are all things that are frustrating and annoying at the time, but you roll with the punches, and tomorrow's a new day.

You put up with a lot to function in this world, sometimes feeling like a small cog in a huge machine, an ant living under the rules of the colony, but knowing soon, in another few weeks you can throw off those shackles, forget the status quo and go on vacation, free as a bird, sunshine and balmy breezes, waves lapping on the shore, sipping an exotic fruit punch and screaming out loud without fear of getting weird looks.

Now compare if similar disappointments occur while you are actually taking your one or two week vacation this year (in Costa Rica of course!). How much more disappointed would you be if your flight is delayed? What if no one shows up to meet you at the airport? What if the tour you were promised to the rain forests was cancelled but nobody told you, otherwise you could have planned something else? How would you feel if the car you are renting forgot to include a GPS, and they have no more in stock until tomorrow and you were really planning on it as an integral part of your adventure? How happy would you be if you miss a shuttle to your final destination costing you six hours of paradise lost? Your vacation is too short and valuable to happily accept screw ups!

This is the pressure we work under each day at Adventure Inn, if you can imagine. Our unique location as an ideal hotel to stay at while entering (and leaving) Costa Rica, and our enthusiasm to assist you in the planning of your vacation, makes little 34 room Adventure Inn the tour center of Costa Rica hotels, no one is even a close second! And because of our amazing knowledge, experience and contacts, plus operating our own fully-inspected 90 member hotel association, Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica, we can compare prices from various shuttle companies, hotels, tour operators and car rental agencies to always give you the lowest price for the same quality thing. You never pay more than if you went direct, we don't work with providers that are so unprofessional to undercut our advertised rates. And there are several people on our staff who have taken every tour we arrange, so we have a good idea what we are talking about, and what may appeal to you.

And though mistakes occur, I can proudly say that we have a completion rate of everything we do for people well over 99% of the time, even less often if it is our fault. More often than not it is the guest who made the mistake, and we're running around trying to do our best to fix the problem. And when we do make the occasional mistake, first of all the team feels awful then we do whatever we can to fix the problem or fairly compensate you for it. We realize what we do for you really is important.

It's not easy being so integral to the success of everyone's vacation, but someone's gotta do it, and we're up for the challenge.

Posted in Costa Rica on Jan 19, 2015.

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