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Free International Airport Shuttle Reservations

General shuttle policies

Only for flights

Due to the contract we have with the shuttle company, our free shuttles are only available directly before or after a flight.

  • Shuttles from the airport to Adventure Inn operate 24 hours per day.
  • Going to the airport, shuttles leave Adventure Inn every hour on the hour from 3 am to 12 noon. If you are leaving before 6 am, you can order a take-out breakfast snack (must be received by 9 pm the night before).
  • Only available for registered guests during the dates of your stay.
  • Shuttles are free, but there is a $7 fee per person for a no-show or a late cancellation with less than 3 hours notice, not including cancelled or delayed flights.
  • Shuttle reservations must be received no later than 6 hours before the service.
  • Maximum one large suitcase per person plus whatever carry-on luggage you have. Additional luggage may be subject to an additional fee.
  • The shuttle from Adventure Inn to the airport is only available up to our standard check-out time. If we have approved your late check-out, you will have to pay for a taxi.

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Note: If you have more than one confirmation number, use the one that corresponds to the date of your shuttle.
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