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Our chef shares some of his gourmet recipes

Our chef shares some of his gourmet recipes

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This month's Sabores magazine, Costa Rica's number one food and nutrition magazine, features an eight page article by our award-winning chef, Jeffrey Torres.  The article consists of  six original gourmet recipes with step-by-step instructions on how you can prepare them at home, a brief history of Jeffrey's experience and a bit of information about Adventure Inn. Every month Sabores magazine has a different theme or ingredient and this month's ingredient is corn.

His featured recipes are:

  • Pickled baby corn
  • Corn Enchiladas
  • Corn croquettes with red pepper sauce
  • Corn dip
  • Canadian corn ceviche
  • Potato and corn salad

I have attached images of the article, however the receipes are in Spanish. Upon request I will translate them into English. Here is the translated introduction:

A new gastronomical adventure Jeffrey Torres Solano has a vast cooking experience which he obtained by working in various hotels. He also recently assumed the role of chef at the Adventure Inn, where not only can the hotel guests enjoy his delicious menu, but also the locals. His dishes are elaborate, using only fresh products and his main idea is to have Costa Rican recipes presented in gourmet style to indulge the most demanding palates. Jeffrey, besides being a naturally-born cook, also has the advantage of being one of the few chefs proficient in the art of garnish, which consists of creating elaborate figures out of fruit, vegetables, butter and even ice. His experience in this field has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge with others in various gastronomy schools and universities. Last year, Jeffrey also temporarily put aside his passion for Costa Rican cooking in order to compete in and win the bronze medal in an international cooking competition in Ecuador. However, back in Costa Rica, he has also won many awards and has achieved the prestigious title of Culinary Master.

Posted in Costa Rica on Aug 10, 2011.

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