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One of the waterfalls at La Paz

8 in 1 Combo Tour

To get to the different attractions included during this excursion we first drive through the City of Alajuela passing by the Agriculture Monument, the Monument to Hero Drummer Boy Juan Santamaria and the famous Mango Park. Your bilingual guide will explain all you see and answer your questions throughout the tour.

As we ascend the mountain towards the Poás Volcano you will notice the cooling in temperature and changes in vegetation, with the abundance of ornamental flowers, fern, and strawberry farms and several coffee plantations. Look past the gorgeous landscape far below to the built up urban area of Costa Rica's Central Valley.

Our first place we stop will be at the famous Doka Coffee Plantation Estate for a delicious breakfast and a coffee tour. Doka is an actual coffee plantation where we will learn about the ancient techniques used by the experts to produce one of the best coffees in Costa Rica, and the world. Learn about the careful and elaborate process involved on the cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the Golden Bean. Revenues from coffee as early as the 1700's literally paved the way to much of the Costa Rican infrastructure you see today.

As we ascend the mountain, we will see coffee plantations as well as fern, flower and strawberry farms along the way, creating a beautiful array of colors and visuals. There is a noticeable change in temperature and vegetation, preparing us for the pleasure of the exuberant cloud forest of the Poas Volcano. The Poás Volcano, is an active 2,708-metre (8,885 ft) stratovolcano. The crater of the volcano is over a mile across and 1050 feet deep. It has erupted 40 times since 1828, including April, 2017. At the Volcano we will have time to enjoy the impressive main crater with its sulfur fumaroles, and hike on a trail to the beautiful Botos Lagoon as we learn about the different ecosystems in the park.

Finally is the amazing La Paz Water Fall Garden Park. Access to the park was cut off by the January 8th, 2009 6.2 earthquake but it is now open once again. Start with a tipico lunch before the tour. We will then follow a trail leading through a colorful butterfly garden enclosure with a live display of the different stages of a butterfly's development, then duck and dodge as a hummingbirds dart past us to get to their sugar syrup and brilliant flowers, check out an ancient Costa Rica house and how they lived, drop into the serpentarium to see a display of Costa Rica's most venomous and colorful snakes, into the bird house, and the ranarium (live frog display) and finally follow the trail leading to and down along a spectacular series of thundering waterfalls in the middle of the rainforest, what a place, and great for all ages!

Tour includes

All transportation starting from and ending at Adventure Inn, a bilingual guide (English/Spanish), entrance fees into the coffee tour, Poas Volcano National Park and La Paz Waterfall Garden Park, plus breakfast and lunch


Bring a hat, waterproof jacket, comfortable walking shoes, bug repellent, a sweater or light jacket for Poas Volcano, binoculars and a camera