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Sarapiqui river boat to see wild animals

Adventure in the Rainforest

Minimum four participants required, check if other have signed up

Choose from the aerial tram or canopy zipline options. The two tours, Adventure in the Rainforest tour and Tortuguero Canal tour are quite similar, but we strongly recommend this one. You spend less time driving to get there, the roads are paved as opposed to an hour washboard/gravel road each way going to Tortuguero, you'll probably see more wildlife as the Tortuguero area is dense jungle hiding the animals, plus the Adventure in the Rainforest Tour offers a guided hike through the rainforest, then a choice of an aerial tram through the canopy and displays of various animals, or an actual zipline canopy activity, let us know which you prefer. It also leaves at a more reasonable hour allowing time you to enjoy Adventure Inn's delicious breakfast.

Re-routed by the Jan.8th earthquake, we begin our journey through the majestic rainforest of Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the largest rainforest reserves of Costa Rica. We arrive in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui for a wonderful boat ride on the Sarapiqui River, just sit back and observe the wildlife all around you, by the time you are done you will appreciate the keen eye of your bilingual guide. Monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles and a variety of colorful birds become the objects of your search and discovery. Your guide will explain the lifestyle of the interesting people who inhabit and make their living on and along the Rio Sarapiqui.

Next, our tour takes us for a guided hike to the Selva Verde Rainforest Reserve, heaven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, bird and wildlife watchers, scientists and students, as well as adventure seekers. Nestled in the north-central Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica, Selva Verde's private reserve protects over 500 acres of primary and secondary rainforest providing habitat for 300 species of birds, 120 mammals, 48 amphibians, 89 reptile species, more than 10,000 species of insects plus 330 species of trees and countless plants. Costa Rica is home of 5% of the world's known species, and Selva Verde has a lot of them.

After lunch you have the choice of doing some exciting canopy ziplines through and above the rainforest or going to the famous Rainforest Aerial Tram with a mariposarium (butterfly farm) and a serpentarium (snake display), the whole place is a sanctuary which shelters an eco-touristic and research park unlike any in the world. The Rain Forest Aerial Tram - Atlantic is a 475-hectare (1,200-acre) private reserve sharing a 10 km border with Braulio Carrillo National Park and constitutes a buffer zone between the park and farm lands.

The park's multiple gateways allow you to see several unique rainforest dimensions: quietly riding in and above the rainforest canopy in specially made gondolas, guided nature hikes for all levels of physical ability and energy, a multi-colored frog and butterfly garden, bird watching, even a serpentarium (snake display).

Finally, a short trip snaking up and over the mountains in oceans of original growth rainforest, through Costa Rica's only tunnel and back down into San Jose and Adventure inn.

Note, breakfast is not included on this tour, however it is included in your room rate and starts at 6:00 am.