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The large brick red metal church in Grecia

Doka coffee plantation / Grecia / Sarchí Oxcart Factory

Bring: Pants, light jacket, walking shoes, sun block, hat, camera The first place we stop will be at the famous Doka Coffee Plantation Estate for a coffee tour. Doka is an actual coffee plantation where we will learn about the ancient techniques used by the experts to produce one of the best coffees in Costa Rica, and the world. Learn about the careful and elaborate process involved on the cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the Golden Bean. Revenues from coffee as early as the 1700's literally paved the way to much of the Costa Rican infrastructure you see today.

On route far below to Grecia, we stop for a typical Costa Rican lunch. Arriving first at Grecia, we will see the famous metal church, which has a rare and beautiful architecture. Grecia is considered one of the cleanest towns in Latin America. See their national monument that fills Grecia's inhabitants with pride. In order to catch a glimpse of the local lifestyle we will also visit the central market area.

Our last stop is in Sarchi, known as the Cradle of Costa Rican Artisans because of its fine workshops. Here we will have time to enjoy the artistic work of the local artisans as they create the famous typical oxcart. Splendidly decorated and in various sizes, these oxcarts are treasured worldwide for their unique beauty. You will not want to leave Costa Rica without one. The miniature replicas are your best bet!