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900 species of Orchids and Bromeliads in Lankester Gardens

Orosi Valley & Lankester Gardens

Bring: walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, a light jacket or sweater, and your camera

Start your tour heading to the southern part of Costa Rica along the Pan-American highway and descend into the warm, humid Orosi Valley, stopping at the Basilica of Los Angeles since the 1700's where a young girl saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, a traditional pilgrimage center for all Costa Ricans once in their lives, and to Lankester Gardens where nearly 900 native species of orchids and bromeliads are grown and protected. The majestic Orosi Valley is home to the remains of the oldest colonial church in Costa Rica, Church of San Jose de Orosi, built in 1735 by the Franciscans. Here a delicious lunch is provided. You will enjoy the specialized agriculture that has developed over the years, coffee plantations on the sides of the valley, and on the bottom, ornamental flowers, and palmito, a meaty tree, often used in local salads.