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Rappell down a canyon wall

San Lorenzo Canopy and Canyoning

The canopy part starts at the highest point of a 500 acre cloud forest resort; the guides will gird you with a safety harness and the best climbing gear available. After a short safety briefing, you will walk to the starting point, glide and enjoy the view of the hidden cloud forest valley.

This tour contains three hanging bridges, a "Tarzan Swing" three short jungle trails and twelve cables connected to giant tree platforms. Enjoy the tree top view of a cloud forest, giving you the opportunity to witness the complexity and the harmony of the jungle bio diversity. Birds, monkeys, sloths and other small jungle animals might be your companions. Finally, a 750 m long Superman cable.

The Canyoning tour begins near a lake surrounded by a magnificent cloud forest.

There will be a short 10 minute hike to the 200 m canopy cable that will lead you to the first rappel site from a tree platform. Next take a short hike to a hanging bridge, 50 m hanging bridge to a canyon waterfall rappel, where four descents in total will be done. Finally a 100 m hike to the Super Giant Tarzan Swing and a wagon ride in the cloud forest back to the starting point.

Remember to bring a change of clothes