Tour Reservations

Adventure Inn is the tour center of Costa Rica hotels

Adventure Inn is centrally-located in Costa Rica, making us an easy access to all of the best tours Costa Rica has to offer. We use several of the most reputable tour providers in Costa Rica and we guarantee the lowest rates.

When you reserve your tour with us, we will make the booking on your behalf and confirm everything with you.

Important note: Due to a recent restructure of Costa Rica taxes, effective 1 July 2019, a 13% VAT tax applies to some tours. Most tour prices are not affected, but we will confirm the final price with you either way.

  • Children generally receive discounts depending on the tour and the age of the child, ask for a quote.
  • All overnight tours must be paid in advance by printing, filling out an on-line form, signing it and faxing it back.
  • For one-day tours, cancellations may be made up to 48 hours before the time of tour. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full price for the tour.
  • For multi-day tours, please ask about cancellation policies.
  • All prices and descriptions were accurate at the time of posting but are subject to change without notice, and may go up for the high season, (generally after December 15th). Though we have done our utmost to relay to you what you can expect, Adventure Inn takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this page.
  • All tours are scheduled for every day of the year unless otherwise noted. However, they may not be available if they already full on a specific date or if weather does not permit.